2024 WAAC Annual Meeting
Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Los Angeles, California
7 - 9 October 2024

2024 Annual Meeting Fees:
Members: $150.00
Non-Members: (includes 2024 individual membership*) $192.00
Student, Intern, or Fellow Members: $100.00
Student, Intern, or Fellow Non-Members: (includes 2024 individual membership*) $142.00
Single Day Registration:
Member or Non-Member: $85.00
*New Members join for the 2024 membership year, i.e. January to December 2024 and will receive all back issues of the WAAC Newsletter for 2024.
Lunches Monday and Tuesday

Although there are several restaurant options within walking distance of the museum, it is highly recommended to purchase a boxed lunch sandwich option. Fanny’s, the Academy Museum restaurant, is closed on Tuesdays. Please email shunter@oscars.org if you have any dietary restrictions not mentioned in the drop-down menu. The meat option will include a variety of chicken or beef sandwiches to choose from on the day of the conference.

Evening Reception / WAAC Anniversary Party

Tuesday, 8 October. 6pm - 9pm

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of WAAC with an evening cocktail reception on the Dolby Terrace. The Dolby Terrace is located at the Academy Museum on top of the David Geffen Theater. It sits beneath a glass dome and provides one of the most stunning vistas in Los Angeles! Come enjoy music, an open beer/wine bar, and appetizers as we socialize and celebrate 50 years of WAAC! @ $35.00

Sunday, 6 October

FINISHING TOUCHES Workshop - 50 Years of Inpainting Discoveries 9am - 5pm

Join James Bernstein for a full day workshop on mastering the art of inpainting. Bernstein, a long-time WAAC member, is offering a condensed version of his highly appraised 5-day workshop, presented 44 times! This workshop will be comprised of intensive lectures, encompassing preparation, filling, color, pigments, media, diluents, technique, and philosophical approaches.
Please note there will be no hands-on component. This is for conservators of all specialties desiring to improve their inpainting knowledge and skills!
Please note that participation is limited to 45.

@ $95.00
Pre-Conference Social 6 - 10pm

WAAC is excited to host a pre-conference social event with the Conservation Association of Los Angeles (CALA), the city’s very own regional conservation network!! We will be gathering at All Season Brewing Co. (just a 5-minute drive from the Academy Museum) to say hello, drink, eat and socialize. All Season Brewing offers a wide selection of local craft beers, ciders, a full bar, and a taco food truck with vegan options. All CALA and WAAC members are welcome!! (All Season Brewing Co. 800 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036)

@ $0.00

Wednesday, 9 October


Tour of Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation 1:30 - 3:00pm

Join a guided tour of the spectacular collection of 20th century art collected by Frederick R. Weisman and his wife, Billie Milam Weisman, who is an art conservator! The collection includes over 400 works by European modernists, surrealists, abstract expressionists, contemporary California works and more, exhibited in both interior galleries and sculpture gardens.
Carpooling recommended.

@ $20.00
Tour of Academy Museum Debbie Reynold’s Conservation Studio and Collections Department 3:00 - 4:30pm

Enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the objects conservation and photography studio, the collections department, and costume dressing program at the Academy Museum! Some of the gems of the collection will be on display, as well as current treatments focused on the conservation of foam and plastics.
Please note that participation is limited to 40.

@ $0.00
Tour of Academy Margaret Herrick Library 3:00 - 4:30pm

Conservator Dawn Jaros, will host a tour of the Margaret Herrick Library paper conservation studio and collections. The Margaret Herrick Library, located in a beautiful Spanish colonial building in Beverly Hills, just a 5 minute drive from the Academy Museum, is one of the world’s foremost research facilities dedicated to the artform and industry of motion pictures. Its holdings amassed since 1928 include books, photographs, scripts, production records, posters, and much more. The Library will open its doors and collections to you all, as well as a tour stop in the conservation studio, where Dawn will discuss the library’s conservation program, and show some of the gems of the collection that are currently being treated.
Please note that participation is limited to 40.

@ $0.00
Tours of Academy Film Archive and Museum Storage 3:00 - 4:30pm

The Academy Film Archive, founded in 1927, is home to one of the most diverse and extensive motion picture collections in the world. The director of the archive will lead a tour of the large cold storage vaults where over 250,000 items are held. Afterwards, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes view of the Academy Museum’s permanent collection. The archive is located at the Pickford Center of Motion Picture Study in Hollywood, a 15 minute drive from the Museum.
Carpooling recommended.
Please note that participation is limited to 20.

@ $0.00
Afternoon tour of Stahl House 3:45 - 4:45pm

The Stahl House: Case Study House #22, completed in 1960, is a world-renowned architectural gem, considered one of the most iconic and recognizable examples of mid-century modern homes in the world. It was first envisioned by the owners Buck and Carlotta Stahl, designed by famous architect Pierre Koenig, and immortalized by the photographer Julius Shulman. The house is perched beautifully in the Hollywood Hills, a 15 minute drive from the Academy. The house is glass on three sides, and overlooks the city below.
Spaces highly limited. Register now!
Carpooling will be arranged via email.
Please note that participation is limited to 16.

@ $35.00

Thursday, 10 October

Tour of Baron Hats 10:00 - 11:30am

Baron hats is a historic hat making and restoration studio in downtown Los Angeles. It was founded by master hat-maker Eddie Baron in 1989, after he had worked for two decades at Western Costume, the premiere costume house at the time. Baron Hats has a long history making hats for Hollywood stars, from John Wayne to Denzel Washington. And it is located above Black & Sons Fabrics, another historic shop that has offered a large selection of fine wool fabrics since 1922, and is worth a stop after the tour. Come see some beautiful hats and learn about the hat making and restoration process.
Please note that participation is limited to 15.

@ $15.00
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